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16 October 2012 @ 12:09 am
Kinda Gay Awards 2012 Results:

Best Drabble/Ficlet:
Winner: Last Kiss: Buffy and Faith by lunabee43 (G; Faith/Buffy)
Runner-Up: Promise by menomegirl (PG; Faith/Buffy)
Voter's Choice: Dreams by velvetwhip (PG; Willow/Tara)

Best Characterization
Winner: Kennedy in Un/Expected (Straight Girl Remix) by Alixtii (R; Kennedy/Buffy)
Runner-Up: Willow in Flying (The Let Her Cry Remix) by snogged (PG; Willow/Buffy)
Voter's Choice: Kennedy in And All the Saints Are Dragons by velvetwhip (PG-13; Willow/Kennedy)

Best Rare Pair
Winner: Closet by gabrielleabelle (T; Willow/Cordelia)
Runner-Up: Intercessions by Chellefic (NC17; Willow/Dawn)
Voter's Choice: Our Issues Have Issues by snogged (PG; Willow/Sandy)

Best Lighthearted
Winner: Love the One You're With by Barb C (PG-13; Willow/Harmony)
Winner: Just Another Ordinary Apocalypse by snogged (PG-13; Faith/Cordelia)
Winner: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Angearia (R; Faith/Buffy)
Voter's Choice: Strawberries by beer_good_foamy (PG-13; Willow/Fred)
Voter's Choice: Just Another Ordinary Apocalypse by snogged (PG-13; Faith/Cordelia)

Most Heartwrenching
Winner: No Special Reason by Meltha (G; Willow/Tara)
Runner-Up: Special by iridescentzen (PG13; Willow/Tara)
Voter's Choice: Better Than by [personal profile] snowpuppies (R; Fred/Lilah)

Best Romance
Winner: Alone But Together by Queen of the Castle (PG; Buffy/Faith)
Winner: Death is Her Gift by brutti_ma_buoni (PG; Dawn/Vi)
Voter's Choice: Awakening by [personal profile] snowpuppies (R; Willow/Tara)

Best Heat
Winner: Remedial Buffy by gloss (NC17; Buffy/Cordelia)
Runner-Up: Less Than Real by Zulu (NC17; Faith/Dawn)
Runner-Up: Never Let You Fall by Morrigan (R; Willow/Tara)
Voter's Choice: Not a Girl Who Likes to be Teased by Lilbreck (NC17; Faith/Lilah)

Best Canon
Winner: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon by [personal profile] snowpuppies (PG; Fred/Tara)
Winner: Battle by Redeem147 (R; Illyria/Willow)
Runner-Up: Mirroring by brutti_ma_buoni (R; Darla/Fred)
Voter's Choice: The Cow Jumped Over the Moon by [personal profile] snowpuppies (PG; Fred/Tara)

Best Future
Winner: After the Endings by brutti_ma_buoni (PG-13; Dawn/Illyria)
Runner-Up: Hypocrite, Save Thyself by Barnabas (R; Faith/Buffy)
Voter's Choice: Five by Five by Infinity by [personal profile] snowpuppies (NC17; Faith/Buffy)

Best AU/AR
Winner: Le Petit Mort by snogged (NC17; First Slayer/OFC)
Runner-Up: All Fly Away by [personal profile] snowpuppies (R; Dawn/Cordelia)
Voter's Choice: All Fly Away by [personal profile] snowpuppies (R; Dawn/Cordelia)

Best Firefly/Serenity
Winner: No Rest For the Wicked by InspectorBoxer (R; River/Sarah Connor)
Runner-Up: Tu, In Mulieribus by Sage_Theory (NC17; Kaylee/Inara)
Voter's Choice: No Rest For the Wicked by InspectorBoxer (R; River/Sarah Connor)

Best Dollhouse
Winner: Crossed Stars by seriousfic (R; Echo/Sierra)
Winner: a water, deep but daring by Isagel (NC17; Echo/Sierra)
Runner-Up: An Angel Has No Memory by Peter Tupper (R; Ivy/Sophie)
Voter's Choice: Clandestine Touch by quirkysmuse (R; Echo/Claire)

Judge's Choice
Promise by menomegirl (PG; Faith/Buffy)
I absolutely loved this author's characterization of Faith. I could see as well as feel what she was feeling. The way she described the kiss was just amazing. What a great read!

No Special Reason by Meltha (G; Willow/Tara)
Omg this was heartbreaking seeing inside Willow. I envision this is exactly how she felt but it was never said. I felt everything she did in the way Meltha wrote this. Brought tears to my eyes! Excellent work!

And All the Saints Are Dragons by velvetwhip (PG-13; Willow/Kennedy)
It's nice to see a little into Kennedy's mind. I think Velvetwhip really brought her character to light and I was able to see her ... clearly. Wonderful read!

Closet by gabrielleabelle (T; Willow/Cordelia)
The whole series flows together very nice. It has great characterization. Gabrielleabelle did a fantastic job with everything, and it would be a series I would read more than once!

No Rest For the Wicked by InspectorBoxer (R; River/Sarah Connor)
This is an example of how a great crossover can work. This judge doesn't know the Sarah Connor Chronicles at all, but you can't help but be gripped by the way Connor integrates into the Firefly crew, and the complex, believable plot which underpins her story. It also contains two delicately forming f/f relationships, neither specially easy but both very convincing. It feels like this *is* what happened to the crew after Miranda, and I can't give a higher recommendation than that.

Mod's Choice
Intercessions by Chellefic (NC17; Willow/Dawn)
This...there just aren't words. It's hot and creepy and just fantastic! Dawn's point of view is so wonderfully captured, here, and the voice is just right. But best of all--for me, anyhow--is that I can completely see this as a missing scene from canon. Such a delicious dark gem, and every bit as good the second (and third) time around!

Pink Linen and White Paper by seraphcelene (G; Willow/Tara)
This broke my heart. It's a delicate and despairing look at a post-Gift world where Tara isn't all the way back. Seraphcelene's exquisite evocation of Tara's tragic 'otherness' and Willow's forlorn hopefulness moved me.

Stellar Supporter

Last but not in any way, form, or fashion least, we at kinda_gay_award want to thank angelus2hot for being a super stellar supporter of this round, and probably making half or more of the nominations! We can truly say that this round wouldn't have been what it was without her! angelus2hot, you're a shining star and thanking you enough seems impossible, but we hope this award in some small way shows how very much we appreciate you!

Banners Post!

16 September 2012 @ 03:57 am
Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to those who have voted so far!

To express our appreciation, we've made a little pretty to display...however you wish!

And for those of you who haven't gotten the opportunity yet, Voting Is Still Open!!
03 September 2012 @ 02:13 pm
Nominees are in and it's now time to...


31 July 2012 @ 11:34 pm
A Huge FYI to everyone who has nominated or is planning to nominate a fic: We've added two additional categories to help include more types of fic.

Best Romance - for fics that center specifically around a romantic relationship
Best Canon - for fics set during the series
29 July 2012 @ 07:34 pm
Even though Nominations for the next round officially start August 1, the Nomination Form is already open and ready to accept Noms!!

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29 July 2012 @ 06:45 pm

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16 October 2011 @ 05:57 pm
Looking at the possibility of holding another round of KGA. If you're in any way interested, Please Fill Out The Poll!
30 August 2010 @ 04:11 pm
Our affiliate, White Knight Awards, a Xander-centric fanfic awards site, is gearing up for its 2010 round.

This year, they've made the decision to add a judged component to their usual popular vote round. If you're interested in judging and reading some moist and delicious Xander fic, comment here or drop an email to: wka at moments-lost dot org.